“I plan on creating a capsule collection where I showcase the amazing splendor of my home continent Africa and how it fuses magnificently with both American and European Fashion. Effectively creating both trend forward and edgy ladies contemporary apparel.” Darryl Jagga (Kickstarter.com)



“43.46 competitive prices and quality fabrics, appeal to the contemporary woman who is beautiful and sexy without being obvious,” says Darryl. (stylehousefiles.com)

“His dresses are designed for everyday wear, but with a chic and sophisticated style. I wear his dresses on the streets of New York  and never have I once spent a day or evening without receiving several compliments about how gorgeous my dress is and how wonderfully it fits me.  Thank you Darryl Jagga…” (kristinquinn.blogspot.com)

“Wearing a beautiful dress is one of the best things about being a woman. Wearing a beautiful dress by 43.46 Aggaj… adds to the mystery of the woman.” http://www.associatedcontent.com


“He has an eye for the dramatic which is sought after and desired for statement pieces that define a moment.” http://www.noblivity.com


“Darryl Jagga has created a collection of contemporary and trend forward dresses, embodying the principles of femininity, elegance and style. Just like the women of the South of France, there are the unexpected elements that are captured in each piece of the collection.” news.bgfashion.net

The South of France served as the inspiration for the Spring collection 43.46 aggaj by Darryl Jagga

“Darryl creates feminine pieces for the modern independent woman using rich colors and soft detailed silhouettes.”  http://www.noblivity.com